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Categories: Deer Repellents
Deer damage is a rapidly trending landscape problem, expanding to more areas of the country with each passing year, making it the fastest growing ornamental and turf challenge in America.

To address this problem, over 30 years ago James McNamara (Redding Nursery, Redding, Conn.) developed a thiram-based repellent to protect his nursery stock from winter deer browse damage. Soon after, Redding Nursery customers noticed and began requesting deer protection for their own ornamental evergreens. Before long, Redding Nursery was protecting thousands of properties throughout Connecticut from deer damage. DeerPro Winter Animal Repellent successfully prevented millions of dollars of permanent damage to homeowners' expensive landscaping.

As the local deer population in Connecticut exploded, so did the demand for DeerPro. Today, despite its small size, Redding Nursery is the largest deer repellent service in Connecticut and quite possibly the United States. And now, with the development of DeerPro Repellent for spring and Summer, year-round protection from deer damage has become a reality.

Their successful deer repellent history, and the rapid expansion of deer browsing has enabled Redding Nursery to offer DeerPro products along with their tried and true expertise (instructional videos, promotional fliers and consultation) to commercial applicators throughout the country.