KCMA Corporation (Kawasaki Wheel Loaders)

Kennesaw, GA 30144

Categories: Compact Equipment, Tractors
Since introducing our first models in 1962, we have maintained a leadership position in technology, service and support. Backed by the massive resources of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Kawasaki Construction Machinery's focus on wheel loaders translates into real benefits for you and your business.
Kawasaki articulated wheel loaders incorporate innovative design features coupled with extensive knowledge and experience gained from real-world applications. Kawasaki pioneered Z-Link design to provide unmatched utility, high breakout force and efficiency in its machines.
Kawasaki provides a totally focused approach to support your business. The strength of Kawasaki Heavy Industries provides the ability to commit all of our assets to selling and supporting the finest wheel loader in the market today.

That focus is strength.

Kawasaki provides a level of support to the market that is well beyond the expectations that many of our customers originally perceive. This support results in a productive partnership between you, your Kawasaki distributor and Kawasaki Construction Machinery.