LASCO Fittings, Inc.

Brownsville, TN 38012

Categories: Irrigation
LASCO Fittings, Inc., an Aalberts Industries company, specializes in the production and sale of injection molded fittings for irrigation, plumbing, industrial, pool/spa and retail markets.

With over 60 years experience, LASCO Fittings continues to be an industry leader in the American market for plastic fittings. LASCO offers a full line of products in Schedule 40, Class 125, DWV, which are available up to 12-inch sizes. Other product lines include Schedule 80, Schedule 80 CPVC, valves and insert style fittings, along with nipples, swing joints and repair couplings. LASCO Fittings operates a single manufacturing facility in Tennessee, and has a nationwide distribution network of regional service centers.

LASCO provided some of the first manufactured Swing Joints to the city of Los Angeles, Griffith Park Golf Course, preparing for the 1984 Summer Olympics. Since then, LASCO Swing Joints have become the proven leader in golf and turf irrigation. Some LASCO Swing Joints have been installed for over 25 years, and there are more than 20 million units installed worldwide. LASCO Swing Joints are available with a vast offering of styles and configurations. We also offer compatible metric inlet and outlet styles for international style connections.
LASCO Heavy Turf products complement the swing joints, so you can be assured that we have your irrigation solution. The accessories to the swing joint product family allow connection with all piping materials, such as HDPE, gasket pipe or solvent weld PVC and to sprinkler heads, from .5- to 1.5-inch with standard and ACME threads, from all manufacturers.
LASCO Fittings serves its customer base through its own sales teams complemented by a national and international network of independent manufacturers' representatives. In addition, the company has strong relationships with international golf course specification agencies and developers. Through its broad distribution network, LASCO Fittings provides differentiated, customer-oriented service including nationwide delivery along with renowned field and technical support.

LASCO Fittings, Inc. operates a 28-acre manufacturing facility in Brownsville, Tenn. Automation, an in-house machine shop, and 600 employees allow the production of 1.4 million fittings a day. With eight regional distribution facilities strategically located within the United States, LASCO provides overnight service and worldwide distribution.

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