Valley Tool & Mfg.

Hughson, CA 95326

Categories: Attachments, Mower Attachments, Mowers, Parts & Accessories, Sprayers

"Uniquely capable" is an accurate description of the Valley Tool and Manufacturing Company approach to every project. Our team can take a customer's idea or concept and see the product through to a successful introduction to the marketplace. Computer Aided Design (CAD), Water jet, Laser Plasma cutting, metal forming, galvanizing, powder coating, precision casting, (CNC) machining, heat tempering and oil hardening are just a few tools and techniques used to create and produce the project correctly. 

But, before the final product is rolled out, our talented journeymen use their specialty skills toward product refinement, improvement and thorough testing.  Then supporting the project with complete electronic documentation, engineered drawings and manuals to insure proper installation, usage and maintenance is achieved. Finally, and equally important a marketing plan is established.  The project is then presented to the appropriate potential customers and provided with supporting sales tools for profitable distribution and marketplace acceptance of the items created. The Valley Tool and Manufacturing project team has over 150 years combined experience and ready to make sure your next big project is profitable.